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When life feels overwhelming we can be surrounded by people yet feel so alone and disconnected from ourselves and the world. We may have lost sense of who we are, be burdened by guilt or shame, find it difficult to regulate our emotions, struggle with relationships or feel labelled, judged, unseen and unheard.

Counselling can help. It helps us make sense of our feelings and emotions, gaining sight of what we cannot see or hear.

How I Can Help


We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives, but this can range from mild to severe leaving us debilitated and overwhelmed. 

Anger Management

There are times in our lives where we’ve all experienced anger and it’s ok.  Anger is an important human emotion that can bring about positive change and enrich our day to day lives.

Behavioural Issues

I can work with you to understand the behaviours that negatively impact your life.  Utilising CBT techniques I can support you in managing your problems by changing the way that you think and behave. 


Depression can affect us in variety of ways.  It is more than just feeling low.  It is a state of constant sadness, hopelessness, an ability to find joy in things, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness. 

Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence can take many forms of which some are difficult to recognise.  Counselling can help. 


Self-harm can take many forms, all of which are a negative response to an individual’s distress.  I want to acknowledge if you are self-harming that I know that you are doing the best you can to cope with deep emotional pain that feels terrifying and overwhelming.  

Trauma and PTSD

As a qualified and experienced trauma informed therapist I recognise the importance of taking steps to avoid triggering or re traumatising my clients in any way.  I work empathically acknowledging that the context of each individual’s trauma history and triggers require a tailored intervention according to their needs.

Women's Issues

Having trained and volunteered for a number of years with local women’s organisations I have a particular passion and interest in working with women across a range of issues.

About Me

I’m Lisa Gibson
Counselling and Psychotherapy based in Chorlton, Manchester

lisa gibson counselling chorlton

Speaking from experience reaching out can feel daunting especially when we're at our most vulnerable and I acknowledge courage in those that do.
I'm here to walk with you, right from that moment, whatever you may bring.

I listen, really listen with an open heart and hold what you bring with respect. My approach is gentle, accepting and compassionate, working with you to find your own way of reconnecting with yourself and the world.

I am a qualified and experienced counsellor with person centred theory underpinning my practice.

I like to work integratively drawing on techniques learnt from additional training in trauma and attachment.

It's important that we work collaboratively at your pace and there is never any pressure to talk, sometimes simply just being might be all that's needed.

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